Anxiety EP

by Social Revolution

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This EP is about problems that you deal with in your teen years. That most of the Band is experiencing at the moment. This special Digital download includes unreleased artwork of other projects that the band is working on too!


released November 20, 2011

Jesse Ford:Vocals/Guitar/Lyrics
Devon Hill:Vocals/Bass/Lyrics



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Social Revolution New Jersey

Social Revolution is a band that I started with my friends at the beginning of summer, we've been practicing and writing songs since then. Some of our biggest influences are Green Day, Hendrix, The Beatles, and many many others. Me and my friends all love music and we would all do this for the rest of our lives. ... more

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Track Name: Anxiety
Oh god here we go again
will this ever end
My palms are sweaty and I can't think straight
I try to stop but it's way too late

Anxiety is like closing walls
Coming down like a closing jaw
Strangling your mind and you can't think anymore

My heart is beating loud I can't turn back now
I've gotta ride through the storm all alone
Like a lost dog looking for a way back home

Oh god am I losing my mind
Am I going f***ing crazy
I fear I'm running out of time
and my pulse is getting lazy

Please someone get me out of here
Please someone get me out of here
I've Got a life to live
But it just ain't here
Track Name: I don't Care!
You can hate me I don't care
You can doubt me I don't care
I'll be here forever and I won't change

Make fun of me all you want
you're like a freaking loaded gun
but you're filled with blanks
so I don't care

Spit your words at me
it's inspiration musically
Keeps me going strong
But I've been strong all along

I'm done caring bout what you think
I'm done caring bout everything
F**k with me all you want cause